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Articles About Michael Rosen

This is an article about me in Glasgow University student paper.

Article here called ‘Family Values’ from the Guardian newspaper’s Family supplement.

This is the most up-to-date and accurate list of all my books, plus some critical commentaries on my work.

Here's an interview with me talking about Pinocchio for Croydon paper. Review of 'Pinocchio' in The Stage.

Here's an interview in the Irish magazine 'Verbal.

'Give children books, not SATs' from the Independent.

Five minute interview in The Independent.

An interview with me by Bruce Black at the Poetry Foundation.

An article in the Guardian where several of us who help make picture books were interviewed.

This is a profile of me that appeared in the Times. I don't think I used the word 'chaos' by the way, but misunderstandings are very easy when you're being interviewed!

This the web chat I had on the BBC's Blue Peter website.

This is an interview in the London listings magazine Time Out.

This is an interview called 'What makes poets tick?'

This is a write-up of one of my appearances at the Cheltenham Festival.

This is an interview done with me about a person who influenced me in my life.

This is an interview with Adrian Mitchell and me that will appear soon in the Poetry Trust's newspaper.

This is an Interview with me that is going to appear in the 'Teacher' magazine.

This is the un-edited version of the interview Morag Styles did of me that went into 'Books for Keeps'.

This is an interview that some students at the University of York did with me.

Here's what Nicholas Tucker wrote in the Independent: "Interview: Why Michael Rosen will Relish Being the Children's Laureate", The Independent, 2007-07-20.

Here's an article from the Telegraph by Cassandra Jardine. "As Teenagers, My Boys Read Football Programmes...", The Telegraph, 2007-06-21.

News of my appointment as Children's Laureate

News of my appointment as Children's Laureate by booktrusted.co.uk.

BBC Radio 4's announcement.

The Guardian's take on it.

A short interview with the BBC.

A longer piece by the BBC.

The write-up in Guardian Books.

A piece on British Satellite News.

More from the BBC.

A longer piece by the Guardian.

A piece by the BBC's Newsround.

A longer article by Newsround.

Comments on the announcement on Word of Mouth's message board.

The Guardian's The Blog disscusses my appointment.

Some Questions from a Year 1 Class With My Answers.

A teacher I worked with in Rotherhithe and who is now a lecturer in Canterbury, Andrew Lambirth, has written an article about my work. A ripple that ruffled feathers: an appreciation of 30 years of Michael Rosen's poetry for children. Changing English Vol. 13, No. 1, April 2006, pp. 45-54

Article about me from Big Issue, Scotland.

This is an article that the Independent published about teaching Children’s Literature at University. [Tiny corrections in the article: When I say: “The poems get taken up by the Eng Lit world. Suddenly, I find myself in the Eng Lit world…” that should read: ‘Children’s Lit world’ – both times! And UNL merged with London Guildhall University to form LMU. At the time of writing, University of East London is a separate institution.]

Interview for Brighton SPACE.

Newcastle ‘Journal’ writing me up.

BBC website interview.

Here's Boyd Tomkin from the Independent calling me a 'stalwart radical'!

Here's a blog entry that was written in response to my talk at the Institute of Psychoanalysis.

Oxford Today ran an article on me and the poet Michael Horowitz.

A little article I forgot about...
The Sunday Times

An article about me:
Author of the Month by Dina Rabinovitch

A mini-profile of me from The Independent
'My first job - as a chicken-plucker'

A fun write-up in the Guardian of a nice evening at the Institut Francais in London
Child's Play

A review of a book for adults:
A Family Snapshot by Stephanie Merritt

From Poetry to Politics: The Gifts and Talents of Michael Rosen
by Leslie Steigel and Joyce Bainbridge
Language and Literacy Volume 6 - Issue 2 - Fall 2004

Here's an interview with me in the Times.

Then one from the Institute of Education Magazine.

This is the interview/talk that I gave at the Institute of Psychoanalysis in their series 'Connecting Conversations'.

An interview I did for the poet Ian McMillan’s Writing Lab for Radio 3 and the Open University. 
My thoughts on writing poetry.

Michael Rosen Interview (September/October 2004)


A Poet in School
in Books for Keeps May 8 1981

Authorgraph No 51
by Morag Styles in Books for Keeps No 51, July 1988

What It's Like To Be Michael Rosen
by Chris Powling
Aylesbury, Ginn, 1990

Michael Rosen interviewed by Adrian Prandle
in Young Writer Vol 1 issue 2   (January 96)

Michael Rosen and Contemporary British Poetry for Children
by Michael Lockwood
in The Lion and the Unicorn 23:1 Jan 1999

Brownjohn, Hughes, Pirrie and Rosen: What Rhymes With Oral Poetry?
by Anthony Wilson
in English in Education 35:2, Summer 2001

BBC Onion Street (2002)
Live guests - profile - Michael Rosen.

Rather You Than Me
The poet and broadcaster Mike Rosen spoke to Peter Morgan about his new book Carrying the Elephant'
pp21-23 in Socialist Review Number 269, December 2002
Writing Up Our Street
Michelle Taylor describes what happened at one urban primary school when children's author Michael Rosen came to share his enthusiasm for books.
Report Magazine for the Association of Teachers and Lecturers June/July 2003
Making Words Memorable
Chris Powling pays tribute to Michael Rosen' Carousel
The Guide to Children's Books , Issue 27, Summer 2004 pp 6-7
Passed/Failed, An education in the life of Michael Rosen, writer and broadcaster: 'I was a revolting student'
The Independent, Education and Careers Section , p.8




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