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Poems And Stories About My Family

Here are some videos that my son Joe has made. They all come from my books so you can find them there along with many others like them. The books you will find them in are: Michael Rosen's Big Book Of Bad Things; Quick, Let's Get Out Of Here; Centrally Heated Knickers; You Wait Till I'm Older Than You; Even My Ears Are Smiling (October 2011); and out of print books available from Amazon: Mind Your Own Business; You Tell Me.

I hope you enjoy them and special thanks to Joe for making them, Titania Krimpas for project management and Mark Foster for web design and construction.

Click on a video in the right column to get started!

For all the rest of my videos, including 'Bear Hunt' click here.



1/. Please play my videos from this site only. These are the only videos officially sanctioned by me as being suitable for children. If you go to YouTube to play videos, I can take no responsibility for the material you or the children in your care watch. Please be warned: just because my face and/or voice is on a YouTube page, it does not follow that it has anything to do with me.

YouTube is an ‘open’ site, which means that the videos belong to anyone and everyone. Anyone can take them and do what they want with them.

So, watching the videos on this site is the safest option.


2/. If you cannot watch YouTube videos on your computer then the following tips may help. Thanks to Aveen for the info:

You can use the Keepvid website to download each video. Simply click through from each video page to the individual YouTube page for each video, then copy the URL for that page and paste it into the URL box on Keepvid. You will then get an option to download the video as a low or high quality file.

Then all you have to do is save the file to your own hardrive. If you don't have an mp4 player installed on your computer, you may have to download one



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