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Videos & Podcasts

In this section I put videos and audio files that you can watch and listen to. I add new ones as soon as they've been made.


Poems And Stories About My Family

Here is a series of videos titled 'Poems And Stories About My Family'. The poems are all taken from my books and this series of performances was produced by my son Joe. You can watch them now here.

Poems And Stories About My Family


BBC - Authors Live Videos

Teachers – videos of me doing my poems. And they’re for free!

Here are some videos of me performing poems that you can download straight on to your whiteboards. Unlike my YouTube videos, I don’t think these will be blocked. Here are the first ones that they have uploaded. More to come.

Authors Live


Scottish Book Trust Tour 2008

Boggy Woogy Buggy


Michael Rosen performing 'Boogy Woogy Buggy'. Filmed on Michael's Scottish Book Trust 2008 Tour.


Down Behind The Dustbin


Michael Rosen performing 'Down Behind The Dustbin'. Filmed on Michael's Scottish Book Trust 2008 Tour.




Michael Rosen performing 'Spelling'. Filmed on Michael's Scottish Book Trust 2008 Tour.


Lord Jim


Michael Rosen performing 'Lord Jim'. Filmed on Michael's Scottish Book Trust 2008 Tour.

View four more videos from this Tour.

March 14th 2009


Boogy Woogy Buggy


Michael Rosen Performing 'Boogy Woogy Buggy'.

October 16th 2008


We're Going On A Bear Hunt


Michael Rosen Performing 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'. This video is part of the exhibition running at the Seven Stories Museum of the Children's Book, Newcastle.

May 26th 2007


The Hypnotiser

A series of videos of Michael Rosen performing each of the poems from his book The Hypnotiser. Click to get started!

The Hypnotiser


Videos Elsewhere on the Web

This is me performing 'Macavity' by T.S.Eliot for the series 'Off By Heart' coming up soon on BBC television.



Poems read aloud for the Poetry Archive.

A sample of music and poetry from Nonsense, a show with the Homemade Orchestra.


Videos and Podcasts for Adults

There is a special selection of videos aimed at adults in the For Adults section.





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