Hello, welcome to my new website.

Here you will be able to read about me, my books and what I’m doing.

If you click on the links you’ll be able to find your way to my videos, and adults may be interested in my blog where I post up articles on education, current affairs and the occasional poem.

Remember, my YouTube Channel is ‘Kids’ Poems and Stories with Michael Rosen.’ There are over 200 videos there, and I’m putting up new ones all the time.

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My Complete List of Books

For people wanting a complete list of my books, I have compiled my own comprehensive bibliography.

Upcoming Books For 2018

So They Call You Pisher! (Verso) – out in paperback (Sept)

An Unexpected Twist (Scholastic) – new title in hardback (Sept)

Bah! Humbug! (Scholastic) – out in paperback (Sept)

Uncle Gobb and the Plot Plot (Bloomsbury) – new title in hardback (Sept)

Reading and Rebellion, An Anthology of Radical Writing for Children 1900-1960. eds Kimberley Reynolds, Jane Rosen, Michael Rosen, Oxford University Press (Sept)

Workers’ Tales, Socialist Fairy Tales, Fables and Allegories from Great Britain, edited, Princeton University Press (Oct)

Hampstead the Hamster, illustrated by Tony Ross, Andersen (Oct)

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