Build a Poem or a Rap

Build a Poem or a Rap

Here’s a simple way to build a poem or a rap: collect words from the street.

What you do is write down the names of shops, buildings, stations that you see.

You add in the kinds of ads that you see up in the street, stuff to do with ‘buy this!’

You make up a chorus about walking down the street, or being out. Maybe this is the part of your rap that you sing, but that’s up to you.

You then take all the things that you wrote down and start repeating them and finding rhymes (or ‘nearly-rhymes’).

If you want a rap beat – you probably know how to do this better than me, but the simplest one is ta ta BOOM, ta ta BOOM, ta ta BOOM, ta ta BOOM.

Usually, your main rhyming word comes on the fourth BOOM but it’s great to do rhymes in between too.

You don’t need bass and drums to beat out that rhythm, you can do it by slapping your side, or hitting an empty plastic box or doing beat box.

If you do this, maybe you’d like to send it in and I’ll have a go at performing it on my next live web chat on January 17 ! Look out for the links.

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