Poetry Idea

Poetry Idea

Poetry Idea


Here’s a poem I wrote that is a mix of what I see in hospital when I go in for check-ups and a daydream about it. Poems can be like this: partly real, partly dream.


There’s a lonely corridor.
I’m lonely in the corridor.
The lonely corridor
connects with other corridors.
These are corridors
that I once walked down.
I have to go on down the lonely corridor
towards the other lonely corridors.
The lonely corridors up ahead
are corridors I’ve been down before.
They should be behind me.

Because they’re up ahead,
it means
I can go along them.

I can’t stop myself going along them.

I go along them


Here are some ideas:

You could do a picture to go with it.

Or find some pictures of corridors online to go with it and make a video of it on your phone.

Or you could make up some music to go with it.

Or you could read it slowly a few times and just wait to see what it makes you think.

Maybe shut your eyes for a bit after you’ve read it.

Then open your ideas and jot down what’s come into your head.


Look at what you’ve written.

What happens if you repeat some of the things you’ve written – words or phrases?

What happens if you see if there’s a rhythm you can make of some of the words or phrases?

What else can you write to help it convey what you thought? Or to make it feel more complete.

You could then see if you could do a drawing to go with it. Or find some pictures online to go with it.

You could make a PowerPoint with it and show other people…

Best of luck!


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