Poem by my Cat

Poem by my Cat

Poem by my Cat

Cat with book

Michael is OK
but the trouble with Michael
is that when he stands up
he doesn’t have a lap.

The idea behind this poem is that a pet has thoughts about the person looking after it.

Our cat loves sitting on our laps. So I thought about how the cat might think of what it feels like when I get up. Where does Michael’s lap go? Why haven’t I, the cat, still got that nice warm place to sit on?

You could use that idea. Think about your pet. What does your pet like doing? What does your pet like you doing? What does your pet NOT like you doing? What would your pet like you to do or not do?

These are all questions you could answer from the point of view of your pet – as if your pet can talk and write poems!

Poems like this can be very short – or as long as you like. They can rhyme or not rhyme. You can have bits of them that are repeated and so make a rhythm. Or not, if you don’t want to…

Over to you.


  1. Julie-Ann Johnson 2 years ago

    Thank you Michael. I’m always on the lookout for poetry writing ideas for my year 4 class. They’ll have fun with this I’m sure. I’ll use it on Friday – something to look forward to! All my children (pupils) love watching your videos and sharing your work. We’re going to be performing ‘End of the World!’ for World Book Day. I hope we do you proud! Stay safe – Julie Johnson

  2. Michaela Cooke 2 years ago

    I did this activity with my class yesterday, it was brilliant! Y5

  3. R Stannard 11 months ago

    Too noisy
    My family take excellent care
    To leave out food for me
    And I can ways find a warm, cosy bed

    I snuggle up to the biggest grown up at night,
    He sleeps very soundly.
    I hope I will be a good dad too.

    I wish they’d stroke me and talk to me,
    But they never hear my squeaks
    And they think my scratching is birds in the chimney.

    One day they’ll play with me, once they meet my own family.
    They’re going to love us.

  4. Krista Huber 9 months ago

    A poem inspired by you from a Year 6 child in my class.
    Every day I have to redeem myself to my cat,
    Be,cause my little brother torments her.
    It’s a case of mistaken identity,
    I am not my brother,
    But my cat seems confused,
    So every day,
    I pat her,
    feed her,
    catch her to make her purr,
    But she has a short memory.

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