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There was a conference called ‘Education for Liberation’. These are the notes of my talk.

My contributor page for the Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’ website.

Here’s a review I wrote of Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Collected Poems for Children’.

Laureate Log 11

Laureate Log 10

Laureate Log 9

Laureate Log 8

Laureate Log 7 – September 2008

Laureate Log 6 – July 2008

Laureate Log 5 – May 2008

Laureate Log 4 – March 2008

Laureate Diary 3

Laureate Diary 2

Laureate Diary 1

This is a blog from the ‘Guardian’ about the famous cutting of the word from Jacqueline Wilson’s book.

This is a blog from the Guardian about SATs.

This is a blog from the Guardian that I contribute to concerning Carol Ann Duffy’s poem that was removed from the GSCE anthology.

This is a blog I posted at the Guardian website with some 50 or so comments after it.

A review of a book by George Paizis about an interesting French anti-war poet.

Here’s the acceptance speech I gave at the Laureate award ceremony.

This is a blog I posted at the Guardian website with some 50 or so comments after it.

A Talk from 2005:  ‘Are Books for Children Worth Reading?’

Here’s a recent lunchtime lecture I gave at Birkbeck, University of London (November 11, 2009) on why and how Children’s Literature is for adults too.

Here’s a letter to the Guardian in response to the recent Cambridge Review of Primary Education.

Here’s an obituary letter in ‘The Times’ I wrote for my old English teacher, Barry Brown.

This is a political obituary I wrote for Chris Harman, an editor of ‘Socialist Worker’ who I knew from the early sixties.

Here’s the text of a lecture I gave. It was the Philippa Pearce Memorial Lecture, which I gave at Homerton College, Cambridge on September 10 2009. ‘What’s Children’s Poetry For? Towards a new child-specific ‘Apologie for Poetrie’ (Philip Sidney 1579) .

This is the introduction I gave at the Symposium I organised for the Whitechapel Gallery on September 10 2009.

This is the article that the Guardian published on the day of the handover.

Here’s a lecture I gave at the Poetry Conference at the British Library on April 20 2009.

This is the lecture I gave as my Visiting Professorial Inaugural Lecture at Birkbeck, University of London on May 12 2009:

My obituary of Adrian Mitchell in The Times.

How to make a book-loving school.

I wrote an introduction to The Folio Society’s edition of ‘Emil and the Detectives’.

All of my recent, various writings on poetry have been gathered together into one article. It’s a long read and can be found here. Thanks to Sasha for compiling the material.

Here’s an article I wrote on Writing for Children. It was for the Guardian booklet that came free with the paper.

Here’s an article in Red Pepper re Carol Ann Duffy banning.

Here’s an article by me on reading for pleasure for the Comment is Free section in the Guardian.

2007 Lecture at Birkbeck, University of London
George Orwell Lecture

2007 Lecture
Patrick Hardy Lecture

A play for voices by Michael Rosen
Word on the Streets

A story for little children that no-one wants to publish
The worst cough in the world

A letter to the London Review of Books, complaining about an unpleasant review given to a book that I had just read
A Poet’s Life

My thoughts on a painting
Pissarro’s ‘Lordship Lane’

A letter I sent to the Guardian about a newly discovered poem by Shelley that at the time had not yet been published
Shelley’s Ghost

My June 2006 talk at Kings College, London
What’s Politics Got To Do With It?

My talk at the 2006 NATE Conference
Michael Rosen’s 2006 Address

An article about my road:
Road To Ruin

An article to do with children’s books:
Macca The Paperback Writer

A review I wrote:
Find Me A Leg – a review of Philip Pullman’s latest book…



in Becoming Our Own Experts
The Vauxhall Papers, London, Talk Workshop Group, 1982

In Their Own Voice
in Becoming Our Own Experts
The Vauxhall Papers, London, Talk Workshop Group, 1982

Memorable Speech
in Times Educational Supplement
March 9, 1984

Michael Rosen
in There’s a Poet Behind You by Morag Styles and Helen Cook
London, A&C Black, 1988

Poetry In All Its Voices
in After Alice, Exploring Children’s Literature edited by Morag Styles, Eve Bearne, Victor Watson
London Cassell, 1992

The Patrick Hardy Lecture – Books and Schools, Books in Schools
in Signal 71
May 1993

Robert Louis Stevenson and Children’s Play, the Contexts of ‘A Child’s Garden of Verses’
in Children’s Literature in Education march 1995, Volume 26, Number 1
(and adapted for introduction to Folio Society edition of A Child’s Garden of Verses (1997)

Reading the Beano, a Young Boy’s Experience
in Talking Pictures, Pictorial Texts and Young Readers edited by Morag Styles, and Victor Watson
London, Hodder, 1996 Monologues and Spiels, the ‘I’ of my poems

in Tales, Tellers and Texts edited by Gabrielle Cliff Hodges, Mary Jane Drummond, Morag Styles
London, Cassell, 2000

Picturing Poetry
in Art, Narrative and Childhood edited by Morag Styles and Eve Bearne
Stoke-on-Trent and Sterling USA, Trentham Books, 2003 pp 1-8

Michael Rosen: Why SATs Are Bad For Literature
in Five to Eleven, For Teaching Primary School Children
October 2003 Volume 3 No 5

Michael Rosen: ‘Don’t Bore The Pants Off Children’
in Five to Eleven, For Teaching Primary School Children
December 2003/January 2004, Volume 3 No 7

Interview with Michael Rosen
Bookends Bookplace Magazine