• Poetry Idea

    6th January 2021

    Poetry Idea Here’s a poem I wrote that is a mix of what I see in hospital when I...

    Michael Rosen
  • Stand Together

    30th January 2020

    Stand Together Each year Holocaust Memorial Day has a theme. This year it’s ‘Stand together’. I work closely with...

    Michael Rosen
  • Collected Ideas for Poetry With Year 1

    3rd June 2019

    Collected Ideas for Poetry With Year 1 For the writing blog this month, I’ve collected together a set of...

    Michael Rosen
  • Over My Toes

    30th April 2019

    Over My Toes Over my toes goes the soft sea wash see the sea wash the soft sand slip...

    Michael Rosen
  • What I Saw

    20th March 2019

    What I Saw I’ll tell you what I did in town I saw a greengrocer in the underground with...

    Michael Rosen
  • Poetry to Commemorate the Holocaust

    14th January 2019

    Poetry to Commemorate the Holocaust On Sunday January 27 it’s Holocaust Memorial Day. I will be in Cambridge at...

    Michael Rosen
  • My Mum and the Flower

    23rd November 2018

    My Mum and the Flower Here’s a new poem I’ve written: My Mum and the Flower My dad said...

    Michael Rosen
  • The Child Who Was Wild

    31st October 2018

    The Child Who Was Wild Once there was a woman, a young, young woman She ran from the city,...

    Michael Rosen
  • Poems & Emotions

    29th September 2018

    Poems & Emotions We’re used to thinking of one kind of poem being about feelings and emotions – love,...

    Michael Rosen
  • Reveal-Conceal and Other Ideas For the Classroom

    15th May 2018

    Teachers sometimes ask me for ways they can use to get away from the rigid questioning of children about...

    Michael Rosen
  • How to Look at a Poem

    6th March 2018

    If you’re sitting looking at a poem and you’re wondering what to say about it, think about or write...

    Michael Rosen
  • Making Up A Riddle

    7th February 2018

    Have you ever tried making up a riddle? Here’s a riddle you may know: ‘ I go round the...

    Michael Rosen
  • Build a Poem or a Rap

    18th December 2017

    Here’s a simple way to build a poem or a rap: collect words from the street. What you do...

    Michael Rosen
  • Tips For Writing Poems

    10th November 2017

    People often ask me for tips about writing poems. I always say that the best and simplest way to...

    Michael Rosen