• A ‘Listening-Thinking’ Poem

    1st November 2021

    A ‘Listening-Thinking’ Poem Here’s a new poem I wrote: The house is silent. It’s early. I hear myself breathe....

    Michael Rosen
  • Sweet Sleep

    14th July 2021

    Sweet Sleep Sweet sleep I need you, I know, Sweet sleep I know I need you when my face...

    Michael Rosen
  • Poem Idea

    13th April 2021

    Poem Idea You’re in school assembly…what’s going on? Perhaps a teacher is speaking…what are they saying?…perhaps some children are...

    Michael Rosen
  • Poetry Idea

    6th January 2021

    Poetry Idea Here’s a poem I wrote that is a mix of what I see in hospital when I...

    Michael Rosen
  • True or False Teaching Idea

    17th September 2020

    True or False Teaching Idea The last few videos we’ve put up on our YouTube Channel are called ‘True...

    Michael Rosen