Upcoming Events


June 6
(Speaking of Books event.)

June 7
Goldsmiths, University of London.
Digital Storytelling Conference.

June 10
On Eamonn Holmes radio show talking about my new book A Dog’s Tale.
Then: joining a celebration of David Crystal’s lifetime of work.

June 12
Eko Trust event.
(Speaking of Books event.)

June 13
City of London Sixth form visit.
(Speaking of Books event.)

June 14
Somerset Headteachers Event.

June 17
Schools event.
(Speaking of Books event.)

June 19
School event.

June 20
Symposium based on the work of Bob Leeson and his book Reading and Writing.
Venue: University of East London.

June 22
Poetry events at Stratford-on-Avon.
Pubic events. All welcome. Please come.

June 14
Lowdham Festival.
Public event. All welcome. Please come.

June 29
Matchwomen’s Festival, Bow Arts, Bow, London.
Talking about Reading and Rebellion. Please come.

July 1
Celebration of Judith Kerr at JW3, organised by Jewish Book Week.
Public event, all welcome.

July 3
Teachers CPD event at Surrey Race Course.
(Speaking of Books event.)

July 4
Bradford event to talk about Workers’ Tales and Reading and Rebellion and my memoir So They Call You Pisher!
Public event, all welcome. Please come!

July 10
Liverpool teachers’ conference.
(Speaking of Books event.)

July 11
Charity event for St Joseph’s Hospice, Hackney.

July 12
Wandsworth teachers finishing their year long poetry course with me.
(Speaking of Books event.)

July 13
Rochdale festival.
(Speaking of Books event.)
Public event, all welcome. Please come!

July 15
Daunt’s Bookshop, South End Green, Hampstead.
Evening public event for So They Call You Pisher!’ (my memoir) all welcome, please come,
please inform the bookshop first!

July 17
Housman’s bookshop, Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London.
Event around Reading and Rebellion, book about radical children’s literature, 1900-1960, edited by Kimberley Reynolds, Jane Rosen and me. Public event. All welcome. Please come. Please contact the bookshop for tickets.

September 2
(Speaking of Books event.)

September 4
Event to discuss Where the Wild Things Are as part of the exhibition on Maurice Sendak at the Jewish Museum, Camden, London.
Public event. All welcome, please reserve seats beforehand.

September 7
William Morris Society, Kelmscott House, Hammersmith.
Political Poetry. Reading and talking about William Morris’s political poetry and my own with other readers.
Public event. All welcome. Please come.
(See my book William Morris’s Poems Protest published by Bookmarks.)

September 12
Hailsham Festival.
(Speaking of Books event.)

September 17
Dagenham School.
(Speaking of Books event.)

September 18
Poetry course, Goldsmiths, University of London.
First night. This is for teachers and asks you to commit for all six sessions spread out over the whole year. Possible publication of a book, as an outcome, written by participants and me.

September 19
Arnhem Wharf School.
(Speaking of Books event.)

September 23
Appledore Festival.
Public event, all welcome. Please come.

September 28
Bath Children’s Books Festival.
Public event. Please come.

October 2
Henley Festival.
Public events, all welcome. Please come.

October 3
Millmead School.
(Speaking of Books event.)

October 4
Bournemouth event.
(Speaking of Books event.)

October 10
Walthamstow Early Years.
(Speaking of Books event.)

October 16
Festival of the Future City – Bristol Festival of Ideas.
‘Play’ based on my forthcoming Book of Play published by Profile for the Wellcome Institute

October 17
(Speaking of Books event.)

October 18
‘Play’ event to go with my ‘Book of Play’ (Profile/Wellcome).
Thame Arts and Literature Festival.

October 30
St Joseph’s, East London.
(Speaking of Books event.)

October 31
Readings of poems I wrote about ‘Grave Goods’ – burials in the British Museum.
Two events at the museum. Public events, all welcome. Please come.

November 6
Children’s Bookshow performance.

November 7
(Speaking of Books event.)

November 8
‘Play’ – based on ‘Book of Play’ (Profile/Wellcome).

November 9
Event for Reading and Rebellion edited by Kimberley Reynolds, Jane Rosen and me.

November 11
Children’s Bookshow performance.

November 13
Event at Goldsmiths, University of London on writing, writing poetry, on what is an ‘author’? based on my book, The Author.
This will be a public event, all welcome, but please book ahead.

November 14
(Speaking of Books event.)

November 21
Event in Cumbria.
(Speaking of Books event.)

November 27
Children’s Bookshow Event.
Hull Theatre.

November 29
Early Years Event.
(Speaking of Books event.)

December 5
Early Years Conference.
(Speaking of Books event.)

December 12
Whitchurch Primary.
(Speaking of Books event.)

December 14
Old Vic performance.
This is a public event.
All welcome. Please come.


January 9
University of East London conference.
(Speaking of Books event.)

Michael Rosen Events

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