Upcoming Events


Michael will be at the Cheltenham Literature Festival on Sunday 6th October.

He will also be speaking at 5×15 in London on 28th October.


November 7
(Speaking of Books event.)

November 8
‘Play’ – based on Book of Play (Profile/Wellcome).

November 9
Event for Reading and Rebellion edited by Kimberley Reynolds, Jane Rosen and me.

November 11
Children’s Bookshow performance.

November 13
Event at Goldsmiths, University of London on writing, writing poetry, on what is an ‘author’? based on my book, The Author.
This will be a public event, all welcome, but please book ahead.

November 14
(Speaking of Books event.)

November 19
NAHT event.
(Speaking of Books event.)

November 21
Event in Cumbria.
(Speaking of Books event.)

November 27
Children’s Bookshow Event.
Hull Theatre.

November 29
Early Years Event.
(Speaking of Books event.)

November 29
Adult poetry event at Karamel cafe, Wood Green part of Poppadoms and Poetry organised and presented by Paul Lyalls.
This is a public event.

December 5
Early Years Conference.
(Speaking of Books event.)

December 12
Whitchurch Primary.
(Speaking of Books event.)

December 14
Old Vic performance. 11 am.
Bah! Humbug!
This is a public event. All welcome. Please come.


January 9
University of East London conference.
(Speaking of Books event.)

February 5
Event with Sixth Formers based on BBC Radio 4‘s programme ‘Word of Mouth.’

February 14
(Speaking of Books event.)

February 25
School in Great Malvern.
(Speaking of Books event.)

March 12
Wiltshire Headteachers event.
(Speaking of Books event.)

April 20
(Speaking of Books event.)

May 9
Questors Theatre.
Two performances.
Public events. All welcome, please come.

June 13
Bournville Book Festival.
(Speaking of Books arrangement.)

June 24
Plymouth Oracy conference.
(Speaking of Books event.)


Michael Rosen Events

For school, library, festival, conference and college bookings where you have no arrangements as yet for selling books, contact Jan or Kate at: