Upcoming Events


November 1
Conway Hall, London: ‘1968 and after: Culture and Education’ talks and Q and A with me, Tariq Ali, Melissa Benn, Ken Loach and Lynne Segal, with Newham Bookshop. All welcome.

November 2
Event with the volunteers for Beanstalk

November 7
Event near Chelmsford

November 8
So They Call You Pisher! event for Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham. All welcome, see you there.

November 12
Children’s Bookshow Event

November 14
Cambridge for a HistoryWorks event

November 15
Event Ashford

November 16
Idea Store, Whitechapel, to talk about So They Call You Pisher! (Verso) – very near to where my parents lived, as described in the book! All welcome, see you there!

November 21
Launch Event for Reading and Rebellion (co-edited with Kimberley Reynolds and Jane Rosen)  at Marx Memorial Library, London. All welcome, see you there.

November 23
Medway teachers INSET

November 24
Event at St James’s Church, Muswell Hill for Muswell Hill Children’s Bookshop, partly based on Unexpected Twist (Scholastic Children’s Books).
All welcome, see you there. Please get in touch with the bookshop first.

November 26
Cambridge, HistoryWorks event

November 29
Event Ealing

December 6
Dagenham head teachers

December 6
Christmas signing event at Waterstones, Piccadilly.
All welcome

December 12
St Paul’s CofE school in Whitechapel

December 15
Christmas event at the Old Vic Theatre, in London.
All welcome. Please book ahead for this. See you there.

December 18
LIVE STREAM on our YouTube Channel, with special guest…might he be popular amongst ‘Millions’? That was a clue.

December 20
Albert Hall
Two public events in one of the rooms. Please book ahead for this.
All welcome


January 7
Event in a school in Burton

January 9
Cambridge to work with HistoryWorks

January 10
Cooks Spinney teachers’ event

January 14
Cambridge: HistoryWorks

January 15
British Library evening event for the public to celebrate Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. All welcome, please book.

January 16
Cambridge: HistoryWorks

January 17
Wandsworth teachers’ workshop

January 23
Cambridge: HistoryWorks

January 27
Event Cambridge
to commemorate the Holocaust

January 29
Whitley Bay Playhouse event

February 7
Conference for Islington teachers

February 25
A Wokingham school event

March 3
Jewish Book Week event
to talk about Workers’ Tales published by Princeton University Press

March 7
Two events for children in Tower Hamlets at the Genesis Cinema

March 13
Teachers’ Conference in Leicester

March 14
Cambridge: HistoryWorks

March 21
Bourneville Children’s Literature Festival

March 26
Event in a school in Sunderland

April 3
Teaching assistants’ event in Cheltenham

September 2

September 11
Edge Festival

November 21
Event in Cumbria

Michael Rosen Events

For school, library, festival, conference and college bookings where you have no arrangements as yet for selling books, contact Jan or Kate at: