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UPcoming EventsFor school, library, festival, conference and college bookings where you have no arrangements as yet for selling books, contact Jan or Kate at: jan@speakingofbooks.co.uk


September 14
Launch of Z-arts exhibition of ‘Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake and the Dread Shed’ in Manchester

September 20
Launch of Forward Prize book, incl one of mine from ‘Don’t Mention the Children’.

September 25
Kew literature festival - I’ll be doing a reading for children and families.

October 1
Rich Mix, Bethnal Green, me and Lydia Syson doing a show for children and families for ‘Philosophy Football’ and remembering ‘The Battle of Cable Street’ Oct 4 1936

October 5
Filming new vids for my YouTube channel with Joe Steele Rosen.

October 7
Performance in Manchester

October 7 - evening
Stop the War evening at the Shaw Theatre, London

October 8
Cheltenham Literature Festival
Performance with David Tazzyman for my new book of poems for children, ‘Jelly Boots, Smelly Boots’

October 9
Commemoration of Cable Street, October 4, 1936

October 10
Manchester - working with CITV on animations done with children.

October 14
Manchester - more work with CITV on animations

October 15
Grand opening of Heath Robinson gallery at West House in Pinner.

October 16
Live public show for BBC Radio 4, ‘Word of Mouth’, Birmingham Literature Festival.

October 19
Loughborough Festival

October 21
Ilford Arts Festival

November 4
Roald Dahl Day, Cardiff

November 5
Compassionate Friends event

November 10
Children’s Book Show event, Newbury Corn Exchange

November 15
Sheffield Book Award - ‘Uncle Gobb’ is on shortlist.

November 16
Children’s Book Show event, Lowestoft

November 18
Children’s Book Show event, Old Vic, London

November 25
NATE Primary Conference, Birmingham.




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