Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

I’m dead pleased to say that my video of Chocolate Cake has come out as a book! Yes, it comes with all the noises and exclamations! So, when you read it, you can make all the noises yourself. The pictures have been done by Kevin Waldron, who did the pictures for my book Tiny Little Fly. He’s a brilliant artist from Ireland. When you look at the picture of the boy in the book, you can decide whether you think he looks like a very young version of me. Does he? And do you think the chocolate cake looks yummy? I do!

Chocolate Cake

I’ve also just brought out my autobiography, So They Call You Pisher! (Verso Books) but I think that’s more for adults.

That’s all for now.

More next month.


  1. Sylvia Baker 4 years ago

    I have ordered your book today….looking forward to learning more about your dad and mum too
    as Harold’s book on children’s language was my bible during my B Ed years at Goldsmiths( 1966-70) and Connie lectured us too, Your poetry has delighted my children and now my grandchildren .

  2. Manuela 4 years ago

    Dear Michael,
    since I saw your video about the Chocolate cake with my daughter I can not stop to think about the chocolate cake and its recipe!! If a recipe exists please… share it!! We are ready to bake! From Italy… Manuela&Sara

  3. Roisin Cure 4 years ago

    I lived in a miserable hovel while my house was being built. My three children loved it. I remember us all listening to Mustard Custard and reciting Keith’s Cupboard and all the others. My kids were in their twenties at the time. Joke, they were tiny. By accident I gave Mustard Custard to my niece twice as I forgot that I had given it to her the year earlier. That’s how smitten I was with it. I need to buy it again just for me.

  4. Helen 4 years ago

    WE LOVE THIS. The children now insist on miming yaPOOSH yaPOOOSH yaPOOOSH whenever they are faced with a chocolate cake slice… It’s glorious. Thank you so much for inducing so many giggles at bedtime. My 8 and 3 year old love it equally: no mean feat.

  5. Franmia 3 years ago

    My brother visiting London with his sons has just bought your Chocolate Cake book for them. We love the video and have viewed so many times.

  6. Hi 3 years ago

    Hi guys

  7. Eloise 3 years ago

    Hi love all the videos

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