Tips For Writing Poems

Tips For Writing Poems

People often ask me for tips about writing poems. I always say that the best and simplest way to think about writing poems is first to read some poems. Then as you read say to yourself ‘I could write like that’. When you think about those words ‘like that’, that means you could write a poem that sounds like that; or has a pattern like that; has a theme like that; or anything that is triggered off by any word or picture in the poem.  Remember, poems are ways of beginning conversations. They are ways of getting us to think, ways of getting us to repeat what’s in poems, and ways of telling ourselves that we could write or think along similar lines. So give it a go: read a poem, daydream a bit and then see what comes. It’s a great place to start. Enjoy!

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  1. millie kate roberts 3 years ago

    this is very helpful because i thourt i wanted to write a poem myself

  2. nqiuhfvuieha 3 years ago

    thx u

  3. Nelibeth 2 months ago

    It’s the capacity to carry occasions and characters to a goal that attracts me to composing, particularly composing for kids. I would prefer not to at any point be pedantic, yet in the event that there’s something I would like to say, it’s that you can bring things around. You can roll out an improvement. Grown-up books are tied in with giving up. Youngsters’ books are tied in with getting it together.

  4. Richard 2 months ago

    Great information. We write to taste life twice, at the time and all things considered. Thanks!

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