Making Up A Riddle

Making Up A Riddle

Making Up A Riddle

Have you ever tried making up a riddle? Here’s a riddle you may know: ‘

I go round the world but stay in the corner. What am I?’

Answer: a postage stamp.

That idea of doing one thing ‘but’ seeming to do something that is an opposite, is called a ‘paradox’. Remember that!

Now, imagine you are that postage stamp and ask yourself some questions and answer them:

What can I see?

What can I hear?

What do I like most?

What do I hate?

What am I jealous of?

What do I wish for?

What do I dream about?

After you’ve answered these questions, on one line after another, you can put in the ‘paradox’.

That riddle is now a kind of poem.

Now, forget the postage stamp, and do it with any other object you know: a clock, a chair, a beach, a railway station, a bus, a football…and so on.

This time you’ll have to make up the paradox.

Now read it out to your family or your class and see if they can ‘get’ it!


  1. millie kate roberts 4 years ago

    thanks that is very helpful and michel rosen i also think that your riddle is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Neil Mercer 2 years ago

    This is a fantastic classroom activity, can I pinch it please, I’ll make sure I credit you and encourage the class to go and read one of your books!

  3. elsa 2 years ago

    this was interesting and fun

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