Scribbles, Notes, and Blogs

Scribbles, Notes, and Blogs

I used to scribble all my ideas down in a notebook but now that we’ve got phones and tablets I use the ‘Notes’ page on my phone. If you like writing and want to write more, you could do that. You don’t need an internet connection for it and every time you have a new idea you can create a new ‘page’ or ‘folder’ for your note. I also use mine to remind myself of all the things I’m supposed to be doing. The trouble with that though is that I sometimes end up thinking that if I’ve put something on the list, I’ve done it! 

Anyway, back with your notes: you don’t have to write much. Just a few words of something that occurred to you. Maybe it’s an idea for a story, or a scene, or something that you’ve just heard someone say. It can be a line from a song, or a bit of an ad you’ve seen or watched. Then, if you’re wondering what to write, you can look through your notes and something might catch your eye.


Still, with this digital way of working, you could ask your teacher if you could start a class blog for the writing you do in your class. Sometimes people think that blogs are public and the whole world can see them, but that’s not so. When you set up a blog, there are buttons in the settings that control who can see it. So, you could set up a blog that can only be accessed by the children in your class. Anyway, however you set it up, it’s a great way of sharing poems, stories, jokes, articles about anything. And it helps with all that spelling and punctuation because you’ll want it to be all right so that people can read it easily. 

Best of luck with that!

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    Please will you sponsor us to get vending machines at school to reduce plastic!!🙏🙏❤

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